There is a lot of great history in Wyoming, especially with us being known as the Equality State.

In 1974, Alona E. Boggess became the first female (and the first African-American female) to serve on the Casper Police Department. Alona, originally from Sedalia, Missouri, moved to Casper after graduating college with a Bachelors of Science degree from Oakwood University in Hunstville, Alabama. She served on the force locally until 1976.

Although Alona also worked in several "traditional positions for a woman" throughout the years, she was also deputized on the Pettis County Sheriff's Department in her hometown of Sedalia from 1987 until 1991.

Alona returned to law enforcement in 1995, where she remained until she retired from the Flint Police Department (Michigan), after nearly 20 years of service as a CSI Technician/Supervisor.

Alona Boggess-Smallwood - 2014 - Flint, Michigan
Alona Reid

I am proud to call this wonder, beautiful woman, my mother!

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