The Casper area has a plethora of food trucks, some local and some regional, that travel in and around our area often, but the one thing we don't really have is a "food cart" option, at least not like the street vendors in the bigger, more metropolitan areas.

That is about to change.

Jacquie Rose, owner of the The Cheese Barrel at The BlueBird Restaurant, recently announced the news that she's currently working on a food cart that will specialize in soup and sandwiches, called "sOOp".

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When will this new food cart be opening?

I had the chance to correspond with Jacquie abut the estimated date she plans on opening, as well as other details about her new endeavor. She stated:

Estimated date would be after Labor Day weekend (2022). Working with social media on where I plan on being. I’m also going to invite my friends to come down and play acoustical sets as well. Looking at parking it around David Street Station and around central points downtown.

I will be able to set up the soup cart anywhere I E parking lots, businesses, real estate offices, hospitals, private residence.

I will be using my dad’s 1972 Chevy which we are in the process of fixing to get it ready by the end of this month.

Casper needs more new & local options.

It is always nice when we get new things in town and adding a food cart into the mix of mobile food options is a stroke of genius. We can't wait to try out "sOOp"!

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