I woke up to a text from my mother telling me that the state department was advising people about travel, specifically with a warning about cruise ships.

Normally, this wouldn't mean much, but our family had already booked and paid for a cruise to the Bahamas, scheduled to leave March 20th, 2020. Considering the amount of money we paid for the trip (flights, hotels and the cruise itself), you can imagine how upset I was... at first.

Fast forward about 10 minutes later and I felt better, a lot better! Money is easily replaced. Getting quarantined to a single room, on a ship, for potentially two weeks or more, away from my children (plus the possibility of coronavirus contamination, no matter how minute), just isn't work the risk.

I did find out the money spent on the cruise is refundable. I may end up eating the hotel and flight cost, but que sera sera.

If you're planning a trip or vacation, like a cruise, the Center For Disease Control and Prevention has a section on their website dedicated to travel. Click here for more details from the CDC.

During a recent interview on Meet The Press (the full video is below), the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated:

If you’re a person with an underlying condition and you are particularly an elderly person with an underlying condition, you need to think twice about getting on a plane, on a long trip, and not only think twice, just don’t get on a cruise ship.

Duly noted!

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