Our midday on air personality DJ Nyke has an extensive history when it comes to the art of being a disc jockey. In addition to his station duties, he does different events around Casper and throughout the state, but his deejay roots go back over twenty years!

The term DJ (or disc jockey) has come to mean many thing over the years. This is partially why a new term was coined in the late 80s/early 90s in Hip-Hop for the art of using a turntable as an instrument. The term is turntablist.

Turntablism incorporates scratching, beat juggling, body tricks and a host of other DJ skills that are not just fun to listen to, but equally fun to watch. A lot of people were unaware of Nyke's roots, so he threw together the above video to showcase the art form.

As many a rapper, DJ, break dancer, beat maker/producer and graffiti artist has said before: Hip-Hop is a lifestyle, not just a form of music.

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