Out of all the Olympic events that I have watched so far this year, my favorite has got to be the Archery events. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed watching Michael Phelps and even the Beach Volleyball, but archery is the only Olympic sport I am half way good at.

I have been shooting archery since I was 4 years old, and have even won my share of trophies. But, I am nowhere close to being an Olympic archer. Archery is more of a mental sport than it is a physical one. Unlike the other athletes in the Olympics, archery relies mostly on your ability to discipline your mind to execute perfect form. Hitting a 5 inch in diameter bulls eye, from 80 yards, is no easy task.

The Onion put together a hilarious spoof on competitive archery shooting, just in time for the Olympic event. In the style of ESPN's "Sports Science," they joke about how archers have to train to not accidentally shoot spectators.

Watch, but have no fear. Shooting spectators does not win gold medals.