No one can resist a hot, buttery waffle... Not even this former POTUS.

Today (Aug. 24) is National Waffle Day. It's a day in which we can stuff our faces with hot waffles, without a single ounce of regret or judgment from others. Gosh, I love waffles. Tonight I'll be busting out the Texas-shaped waffle iron that my southern Grandma gifted to my husband and I for our wedding. It's her way of reminding us to come visit.

This day also marks the anniversary of the first patent for a waffle iron in the United States. The patent was given to Cornelius Swartwout in 1869 on this day. A day that changed our lives forever and certainly upped our breakfast game.

Waffles are loved by all across the globe, including by one of our US presidents, John F. Kennedy. He was asked during his time in office to submit his favorite casserole recipe for a cookbook. Casseroles were all the rage in the late 1950s however, he confessed that he did not have a recipe, according to the JFK Library.

Instead he sent along a recipe for waffles... Like a boss.

So chow down on those waffles. It's the American thing to do.

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