As we 'creep' up on Halloween, here's another one of Wyoming's most haunted places, the Ivy House Inn in Casper. Legend has it, this historic home is now haunted by the cranky ghost of its former owner and her cats.

The house was built in 1916 by the White family, who later added two large porches in the 1940's. Mrs. White lived there until 1995, when she passed away at the age of 93. A year later, the property was purchased by a couple who converted it into a bed and breakfast.

According to the couple, they didn't believe in ghosts until they bought the Ivy House. They are now convinced the home is haunted by the ghost of Mrs. White, who travels from room to room along with her two Siamese cats.

They also report witnessing images of a man, who they believe deliberately sets off car alarms in the parking lot where the original sitting room was once located. Guests at the Inn, which is now occupied by the Turning Point self help center, have also reported strange smells emanating from the kitchen and cold spots around the house.