We've all been stranded in our vehicles before at some point in our lives (if you haven't, count yourself among the lucky few). Whether it's because of a flat tire, you ran out of gas, your battery died or your vehicle just failed to start, Wyomingites are very good at looking out for their stranded neighbors.

My vehicle gave up the ghost late Tuesday evening in the middle of South Beverly Street, while the temperature was a cool -2 degrees. I called a friend to come pick me up (thank you Eric Hanson), but he got stuck waiting for a train, which left me freezing with no power AND no heat in my SUV for an extra 15 minutes.

While waiting for my buddy, a stranger noticed my veteran Marine Corps plates and stopped to check on me. The young gentlemen then proceeded to tow my vehicle to the nearest parking lot. Now keep in mind it's pretty close to midnight, snowing and as cold as an icebox outside.

After towing me, the man thanked me for my service as I was attempting to thank him for his assistance! Things like this make me proud to be a Wyoming native.

*Honorable mention and big props to Brad Loftin and Jamie Williams for helping me tow it home the next day*  

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