Have you ever been told that bears grow on trees? You're probably aware that isn't really true although there's a new video that makes me wonder.

This was recently shared by a photographer who declared that he drives for hours searching for bears. This trip was obviously successful.

I counted 4 bears at least in that tree and I'm surprised the one tree limb was able to support the mammoth mother bear. Thanks, gravity.

This reminds me of another special bear tree moment when some outfitters noticed a bear scaling a tree trying to get a beaver treat they had hanging on a line.

I don't think I've seen a bear more limber than that one even though gravity did win in the end.

If you're a hunter that enjoys spending a lot of quality time in a tree stand, it's worth noting that you can potentially be joined by bears. This hunter showed amazing nerves as he had a bear cub scale the tree he was in.

All I could think about for the entire time that bear cub was up in that stand was "where is the mama bear and what will she do to the hunter if she sees her cub being his pal?". It's obvious he wasn't hunting alone since one of his buddies was running the camera, so maybe he was safer than I thought. I doubt I would have been as cool as him.

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