The Michael Jordan documentary series, The Last Dance, has spawned some pretty amazing content all over the web. The latest piece of comedic gold comes from Wyoming native and country music singer, Ian Munsick.

Ian posted a video of what he calls his Country Hoopstars Mixtape to his official Facebook music page, along with a message stating how watching the legendary basketball star motivated him:

MJ Documentary got me fired up #thelastdance

The hilarious video showcases some of Munsick's surprisingly decent basketball skills and some of the less spectacular, but equally amusing, misses and outtakes. What makes the 1-minute video so awesome is Ian's pun-based naming convention of each shot after a country music legend, like Garth Bricks, Taylor Swish, Toby (Keith, but said like how many a b-ball aficionado says the late Kobe Bryant's name before hitting a bucket), and many more!

I kind of want to challenge him to a social distancing approved, online game of Horse, but I think he might actually beat me. Honestly, I'm still impressed by the dunk he pulled out during the video.

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