Fresh off getting vaccinated, Casper celebrity transplant, Jeffree Star is making some really big business moves.

Jeffree did a soft launch for the new Star Lounge website yesterday (April 7th, 2021), with everything shipping locally from Casper. Star even stated on his Instagram story that if you placed an order yesterday, there's a 50/50 chance he packaged it himself.

Star Lounge is separate from his Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, which obviously specializes in make-up. Star Lounge has some pretty awesome apparel, grinders and other awesome accessories. According to Star himself, you can expect a lot more items being added on 4/20. 

Other than work, he appears to enjoy being back in Oil City. Just take a look at his Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts to see how much fun he's been having as late. We are curious what he thinks of today's weather (April 8th, 2021), considering it was 65° most of the day, but now it's 33° and snowing.

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