If you haven't been checking out Jelli weeknights at 10pm on KISS-FM, you're not only missing out on a fun new way to take 100% control of the music you hear on 104.7 - but also lots of new features that have just been added.

Now, when you invite friends to Jelli via email, Facebook or Twitter - you immediately earn a power pack that's jammed with 7 rockets and 3 bombs.  Use 'em live on KISS-FM to rocket your favorite music onto 104.7, or bomb the stuff you can't stand off the air.   What will you do with all that power?

Also - there's now a new Jelli dedication feature that will let you dedicate any track to a friend or another Jelli user.  Just find the track you want, then click "Dedicate Track" in the power panel to get started.  Jelli and KISS-FM will deliver your dedication message, inviting your friend to tune in and join you on Jelli.

For those of you with iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad - the new Jelli app is available in the App Store as well, so you can control Jelli on the run.  Take a Jelli trial run online now - it goes live on KISS-FM at 10pm weeknights!