If you're having a house party for New Year's - take charge of the soundtrack, and let KISS-FM and Jelli help.   It's easy:

Just crank up 104.7, bring up kisscasper.com, and click "Looking For Jelli?" up top.     If you don't already have a Jelli name picked out - it's quick to sign up and start playing.   (Your Jelli name will get shouted out by T-Bone on KISS-FM, so choose something cool!)     From there - let you and your guests pick the music you want to hear on 104.7, vote on other people's picks, and use your rockets to boost your songs up, or bombs to blow up stuff you don't want to hear.    Give it a try and let us know what you think!

KISS-FM goes all-Jelli starting Thursday night at 10pm, and we won't stop letting you pick the music until 2am on New Year's Day.     (Don't forget - you can also use Jelli every weeknight on KISS-FM starting at 10pm!)    Happy New Year from 104.7!