If ever the time comes that Santa Clause needs to replace his reindeer with superior Wyoming-bred animals, we can sure point him in the right direction.

A Facebook page simply titled, Laramie Snapchats, posted the above video on December 17th, 2018. It features what appears to be about five deer on the roof of a garage. How they managed to get up there is a mystery, but one could assume that this was just their way to (correctly) audition to be part of Ole Saint Nick's flying team.

Considering the name of the page that originally shared the video, it's a safe bet that the house is located somewhere in or at least near Laramie. The Scotty McCreery song, Five More Minutes, that's playing in the background would also suggest it was taken in the Cowboy State.

The video has already been viewed over 791,000 times and been shared over 16,000 times. That should definitely get Kris Kringle's attention.


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