If you're new to Casper, be aware that we're kind of obsessed with food trucks here. With that fact in mind, we need to convince Whataburger to bring their new food truck to town.

KOAA reported on this new Whataburger creation. If you're not aware of why Whataburger makes many of us salivate, it's considered the In-N-Out burger joint of Texas.

I decided to do some investigative burger reporting, so I went right to the source - the official Whataburger website to get the low-down on where this food truck will be and how we get it here.

In 2021, the truck will hit the road for a multi-state tour, with stops in Whataburger's existing markets and cities. As the brand expands into new markets, the truck will give new locations and fans a taste of what’s coming. What’s more, it will be available to help during natural disasters and emergency events, where a hot Whataburger meal can help make a difference.

They call it "Goodness on Wheels". I agree. It's not an easy thing to get a Whataburger restaurant built here in Casper. It's not hard at all for that big food truck to gas it up and bring it to Casper.

Let's really make this happen. Sign our petition to convince Whataburger to bring this food truck to Casper. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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