It's proven difficult to social distance from the fridge.

While we're all social distancing from the ones we love, we've found comfort in and love in another place... the kitchen. I love all of the videos of people getting creative with recipes and getting in the kitchen with their families. There's just one problem with baking chocolate chip cookies for the umpteenth time this week, you're probably eating them nonstop.

While working from home may be a luxury, some of us may not have noticed how much we're eating while at home. And we may not have noticed how much more we are sitting, often times in the same place. Lack of movement plus a lack of nutrition equals weight gain.

Some call it the "COVID 15."

It's like the "freshman 15" at college, but as an adult it much harder to work it off in the long run. Which is what many of us are afraid of. A recent survey has revealed that nearly half of Americans fear that they won't get their pre-quarantine body back. Spoiler alert: you can. It will just take some work.

And some habit adjustments.

That same survey found that most people haven't been as diligent while at home. 65 percent admit to letting themselves go just a little bit. And who could blame them? We're navigating a pandemic for crying out loud. No one gave us a handbook for this. So if you found yourself spending a little more time on the couch and eating an extra helping of Doritos to make yourself feel better, it's understandable. We have all needed a little extra comfort during this time.

But now that things are opening up again, let's get back on the wagon and take better care of ourselves.

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