What else is January 1st for, right?

Christmas is a time of giving, taking care of others, and weight gain. I'm willing to bet that even those who are super health conscious gain at least a pound during this time. It's like a curse of Santa Claus or something.

We also give in to the weight gain.

In fact, according to a recent survey, 47 percent of people willingly ditch their diet at this time of year. Nearly half of Americans say out with the salads (Romaine is tainted anyway) and in with the cookie towers. In fact, the survey also revealed that the biggest diet buster around Christmas is cookies.

Apparently it's not just Santa that has a soft spot for them.

41 percent of those surveyed say that actually use the holidays as an excuse to overindulge, with 59 percent saying that it's just too hard to stay healthy. Not to mention, so many of us use the new year as a time to recommit to our healthy ways. So how much do we gain in these months? The average person expects to pack on an extra six pounds.

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