One of the greatest Hip-Hop experiences of my entire life was being accepted to perform and audition live at the TeamBackPack annual event Mission Underground New York 2016 (MUNY2016). There were so many music industry people on deck at the venue, which was held in Brooklyn at The Muse, from A&Rs to fellow rappers to producers.

Although I didn't place in the top 12 (out of the 600 auditioners), the networking and ability to showcase my prowess on the mic, was well worth the trip to the birthplace of Hip-Hop.

Here are just a few of the great memories I was able to catch forever on camera.

Being on stage, as well as performing in the numerous cyphers that took place throughout the 5 day event, was definitely the most exhilarating portion of the trip. Having the chance to rock out on stage with fellow Wyoming rapper and close personal friend, Doc Suess, made it that much better. Here's our performance. Be advised though... some of the language and subject matter is NSFW.