Casper is loosing yet another one of our beloved eateries. The Philly's Steak N' Company, located inside of The Beacon Club, in Mills, will be closing on Friday, October 29th, 2021.

Owner/operator, Crystal Corson, has been giving residents the countdown, along with daily specials, via her Facebook page. She recently posted:

We are Down to the final days. October 29@9pm we will no longer be selling Philly Steaks in the Beacon Club. Don’t miss out on the Philly Steaks and the delicious funnel sticks and other great items you have grown to love.

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I spoke with Crystal earlier today (Wednesday, October 27th, 2021), about her reason for closing. She stated:

I started working at the jail in February due to COVID. I needed job security along with insurance and with that I am not sure if I was able to give the quality of service to my employees, my customers and my family.
My last day will be on my 14-year anniversary at the Beacon Club (I started as a bartender Oct 29th, 2007; started running the kitchen July 20th, 2015).

In that time I have met some real amazing people that I don’t just call customers, but family. I love each and everyone of them and without them I wouldn’t of been able to be successful for the last six years in the kitchen. The Beacon became my home, but in the last few weeks I have been told that it was just time to go our separate ways.
I will miss being able to be creative with my crazy off-the-wall soups, along with supplying fair food all year round and serving the best Philly in town. But this is not the first time that because of circumstances, I have closed my doors, so I foresee in a few years, I will be back, this time in a standalone building.

As a huge fan of her signature Philly cheesesteaks, she will certainly be missed. Here's to hoping she can open up again, sooner rather than later, in a new location.

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