Things haven't been easy for Rock the Block. With all types of unforeseen hiccups, from the COVID-19 lockdown to ownership of Yellowstone Garage Bar, Grill and Venue changing hands (and ultimately closing), it hasn't the stalemated future events.

Yesterday (Monday, May 1st, 2023), they made an excitement announcement via the official Rock the Block Facebook page, which stated:

We've been busy lining up details for Rock the Block, and are now excited to announce that we have found a new place to call home.
Casper, this summer, please join us at the Sunrise Shopping Center, outside of Boomtown Blast for Rock the Block, 2023! We are excited for this new opportunity, with plenty of space for growth, parking, vendors, and more!
With this exciting news comes the reminder that we are a non-profit committed to providing this experience to Casper, no matter what snags may arise in this process. We are still sponsorship-driven, and welcome any interested donors or vendors to reach out to us through our webpage at
If you have already reached out to us, please keep your eye out for information from us coming to your inbox.
We look forward to bringing this experience back to Casper this year, and for many years to come!

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This is exciting news indeed. As the temperatures begin to warm up, local residents can rejoice again for upcoming outdoors concerts and events, which are fun for all ages and family friendly.

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