If you've been wondering why the Cowboy State (especially Casper) hasn't been as busy as initially advertised, just know, the people are coming.

Torrington resident, Danielle Roesch captured the above photograph yesterday evening (Thursday, August 17th, 2017) of the northbound traffic, right outside of Fort Collins, Colorado.

For the sake of full disclosure, the photo was taken around Denver's rush hour traffic, when those that don't work there are making the trek home, but this isn't the only instant of last nights Wyoming-bound traffic. A quick look around Wal-Mart and the Eastridge Mall today and it's easy to tell more people are arriving by the minute.

The major hope of the masses (as well as local and state law enforcement) is that Wyomingites remember to be joyous, friendly and accommodating to our visiting brethren.

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