Reality Television is a term that is pretty much oxymoronic, as real is often far from the truth. What makes it even more ironic is this particular show is on TruTV. To what am I referring to? South Beach Tow, a show that chronicles a family owned towing company and all the exploits that come with repossessing cars in Miami.

This particular episode shows fan favorite bad-ass, Bernice, being confronted by a petite Spanish women after her new Camaro is about to be repo-ed. It pretty much goes down hill fast as Bernice gets knocked over a guard rail and takes a 2-story spill. You have to watch the rest, but trust me... it gets better!!!

I highly doubt it's authenticity, but it all comes down to be entertainment... and it is that!!!

*According to Wikipedia, at the end of each episode, during the credits, a disclaimer is now posted "The stories that are portrayed in this program are based on real events".