In Wyoming, we are all about cowboys and bucking broncs.

Our iconic state symbol of a bucking horse with a cowboy can be found everywhere.

From our license plates to clothing, home decor, and even tattoos it's a proud symbol of all that we stand for.

Have you ever stopped to think for a moment about how all those tough rodeo cowboys began?

Here in Wyoming it usually starts with Mutton Bustin' at local ranch rodeos. In this time-honored tradition, children try to ride sheep for 8 seconds and receive a score based on their performance.

Then the Cowboys (or Cowgirls) move on to calves or...some of them are like Layton Single (age 7).

This little Cowboy went right from sheep to a buckin' bronco and I think you'll agree with us that he is for sure Wyoming tough!

He rode this bronc for over 8 seconds, nice work Layton.

Just look at how he gets up dusts himself off after he gets bucked off, and no one even had to tell him to do it.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this Glenrock cowboy, he's got more guts and try in him than lots of adults we know.

We have a feeling that we'll be hearing his name announced at the NFR in Vegas someday.

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