If you have lived in Casper for any real amount of time, you are no doubt aware that driving through town, on any given day, can be a task... at best. While we don't suffer from debilitating traffic jams or extended drive times to get from "point A" to "point B" (at least not locally), we do tend to have our own special set of driving issues, moreover, intense weather conditions at any given moment. There's a new video that completely ignores that side of driving through town.

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YouTube channel, DS Nevada, recently posted (March 18th, 2021) a peaceful drive tour video through the streets of Casper. The channel appear to be completely devoted to high resolution driving tour videos throughout Wyoming and the surrounding area.

The footage is actually pretty awesome. It's filmed in 4K and features some very elevator-style music, which if I'm being totally honest, is rather soothing. Although the video is only a few days old, it's probably a safe bet it was not taken within the last week though. The ground is completely dry and there's not a snow mound in sight.

If you've got 18:24 minutes to spare, it is a relaxing video to watch, but if you have that time of free time, I'd probably suggest just taking the real scenic drive through town on your own, unless of course you enjoy the virtual experience and don't want to waste the gas.

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