Wyomingites can expect a slightly cooler, but a lot wetter week, especially through Wednesday (May 10th, 2023).

The official US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming Facebook page posted a forecast graphic, along with a caption that read:

Today will be another day of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms, although most will occur late in the day and this evening. Only isolated late day mountain thunderstorms are expected Tuesday. Watch out on Wednesday, when storms will become more numerous, some strong to potentially severe.

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The US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming Facebook page also posted a separate message this morning, which stated:

Any shower or thunderstorm this afternoon or evening could produce strong wind gusts, even innocent looking showers that don't produce rain. Here is a short video that explains this weather phenomenon, called a dry microburst.

Click in the comments for the video.

We most definitely need the moisture though. Although it has become a taboo thing to say as of late, it is a factual statement.

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