If you've been wondering exactly what's been going on with Casper's latest celebrity transplant, YouTube star, fashionista, make-up artist and business owner, Jeffree Star, you can know get it in his words, straight from his mouth.

In his latest YouTube video, titled "The TRUTH About My Car Accident", Star takes us a on journey, that jumps around the timeline few weeks before that fateful day and even after.

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Jeffree explained that neither drugs or speeding  were involved in the accident. He also went into detail about his injuries and the healing process.

Other than the accident, the video chronicles a bus/road trip from California back to Wyoming, getting the COVID-19 vaccine at the Casper Walmart (where he was very impressed with our hospitality in comparison to the Walmarts in Cali), and the opening of the new distribution center here in Casper as well.

Here's to hoping his healing process is fast and goes according to plan. We're so glad the accident didn't taint your feelings about Casper or Wyoming as a whole.

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