Imagine this scenario. You're fishing in the backcountry and you hear wolf howls. You have no gun or spray with you. Do you attempt to draw the pack toward you? That's what one guy did and he did it fearlessly.

This isn't a brand new video, but it's new to me. I came across this one recently and it's quite an experience. Justin is the guy and he hears nearby wolves and decides to call them closer. It doesn't take long before 4 wolves are within 50 yards of him and 2 come as close as 10 yards.

Here's what his YouTube channel said about what happened:

Justin calls in a pack of wolves to 10 yards while fishing a high mountain lake. He has no gun or bear spray... Just a fishing pole and a camera. Amazing footage of wolves up close and personal!

My first question was "why". My second question is why wasn't he packing a firearm and bear spray even if you're just fishing? The key to Justin's story is that he is a part of a ministry to the hunting community. He's trying to communicate that if you have faith, you don't have to have fear.

That message of fearlessness is part of the message of Limitless Outdoors which Justin is a part of. You can follow them on YouTube and also Facebook to check out some of their other adventures.

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