If you've been to Idaho, you know that it's a very unique part of America. If you haven't been to Idaho, this video of an Idaho farmer plowing his field while holding a squirrel eating a walnut will prove my point.

There really are no words other than please just watch.

The Idaho farmer said...

...a fox squirrel that was rescued and raised from 2 weeks of age to 5 ½ months (age in videos) named Wybie Lovat that goes everywhere I go.

So, you named him Wybie Lovat, Napoleon? Of course you did. For what it's worth, Wybie Lovat is a character from the film Caroline as confirmed by the movie's fandom page. Oh, Idaho, what shall we do with you?

Listen. Some of my best friends in the world are from Idaho. They're great people. They are the homeland of my favorite comedian Ryan Hamilton. But, even my Idaho friends will confirm it's a different kind of place.

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