I have always found it interesting how many people don't know how to parallel park in Casper (and in the state of Wyoming, period). When you consider that on average, Wyomingites do most things better than the majority of the country, it's ironic that we don't shine in this particular area.

It could be due to the fact that we have such a scarce population and so much wide open space, parallel parking is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Regardless, this is a skill that I believe everyone should possess, just in case. I can't count how many times being able to parallel park has saved me precious time and money, especially when traveling in the larger metropolitan areas (like Denver, LA, NYC, etc.).

With that being said, a couple of my fellow co-workers were having an issue parking our Townsquare Media Mobile, so I stepped in to offer my assistance.

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If the prior video doesn't give you a clear understanding of how to parallel park, the following video will, with in depth, step-by-step instructions.

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