We asked Casperites where the worst pot holes in town are located... and you answered!

The following list are the top 15 worst pot holes (suggested by you, our loyal Facebook friends):

  • Between Beverly Plaza Shopping Center and Hilltop National bank - at the 3-way stop
  • 13th Street - right before reaching McKinley Street, going up the hill
  • Wyoming Blvd - in the right lane headed south, right by the park, after Village Inn
  • Wyoming Blvd - entering Burger King
  • 21st Street - near The Preserve at Greenway Park
  • Parking lot of Cresthill Hill Elementary School - the circle where parents pick up students
  • Behind east side Dairy Queen
  • East side Wells Fargo parking lot
  • The old YMCA parking lot
  • College Heights Baptist Church - the old school building
  • Farnum Street and S. Jackson Street intersection
  • I-25 over the Poplar Street Bridge
  • F Street - by north side McDonald's
  • Before Murdoch's parking lot
  • Various areas downtown - From 1st Street all the way to Poplar

If any other really bad pot holes were omitted from this list, let us know in the comments!

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