The definition of rejection is: "The dismission or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc".

Rejection is one of the biggest fears of many and that same fear can affects someone's ability to see their self worth. If you've ever asked someone on a date and they've declined, there is a pretty good possibility that the next time you'll think twice before asking. I've known many guys that live by the famous quote that hockey legend Wayne Gretzky gets credit for, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take". I've also seen guys that will over analyze everything so they don't even have to consider missing that shot.

What if you're a moose, does taking a shot and getting rejected affect you at all? Usually a cow moose will only be open to taking "dates" when she's ready to roll. Studies show that many times when she's ready, she will only take a date from someone that's dominant, in control of the area and will manipulate the bulls into fighting so she can tell which is more dominant. When a cow isn't ready for fun times, she'll run away and sometimes the bull moose will chase her until she's ready. The bulls that are rejected by a cow will sometimes have to travel many miles to find a cow that is ready and willing. Even at that point they may still be rejected.

So really the males (man or moose) that are rejected are affected by that rejection. A man can have confidence issues and a moose could have to travel many miles to find a female that is accepting of him. Even though there are many differences between man and beast (like thumbs and talking) there are still many similarities. When you watch the video, you'll realize that (just like human) females ARE really in charge. If you get approached in the near future, be nice. Males are fragile.

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