Although we've all been complaining about winter (and spring), now that summer is upon us, there will be a select few with complaints about summer. Here are the top 5 complaints we hear about summer in the Cowboy State.

  1. The Dry Heat: a big portion of our transplants and tourists come from more humid climates and aren't probably adjusted to our hot, desert like heats in the late summer months. To this end, we tell them to kindly (and literally)... go jump in a lake!
  2. The Bugs: be prepared... the bugs are coming! Wyoming has it shares of insects, some that are deadly, which includes everything from common house flies to mosquitoes to poisonous spiders.
  3. The Colors: Our beautiful green trees and shrubbery will be turning burnt brown soon. This is another side effect of the dry heat. If you don't properly water your gardens and yards, expect to the changing of the colors. On a side note, if you don't properly lubricate yourself, you will also be among the living things changing colors (see also: sunburns).
  4. The Wildlife: While we all love looking at all the wonderful creatures that grace our wonderful state, a lot of the animals will be awakening from the winter slumber... and making their way onto our roads, backyards and camping areas. Be aware, they're not always cute and cuddly little creatures. It can be anything from bears, mountain lions (cougars), antelope and dear.
  5. The "Tourons": They may have been last on the list, they are certainly not the least important. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a touron is derogatory term which combines the word tourist with moron. With the multiple incidents that have occured at Yellowstone in the last month, expect it to get worse as the weather gets better.