Casper and the rest of Wyoming knows the winter season better than many other states.  The frigid cold, the numbing incessant wind, and the weeks of grey skies put the human spirit to the test every year.  Except for this year.  Winter seems to have taken a vacation from Wyoming this season.  Are you missing the cold snowy conditions typically prevalent this time of year?  You might change your mind.

Usually by mid January, temperatures are in very low digits to below zero.  This year has brought us plenty of warm, darn near pleasant days.  Not all of Wyoming has been experiencing the lack of winter like the central portion of the state.  Snowfall amounts are at an alarming low.  Winter outdoor enthusiasts feel the sting a bit sharper than others with a contempt for winter.  Many people are enjoying the unseasonable high temps with a smile and a good riddance to the cold attitude.  For those missing the pace winter sets out for us, here is a video to remind you of all the things you are missing out on.