First things first, I am very pro-face mask. Whether a business still requires them or not, I still wear mine, but usually, once I'm outside, mine goes off, especially once I'm close to my vehicle.

On a recent trip to the Eastridge Mall, after I had exited Target, I was doing my common courteous job of returning my cart to its proper place, when a random woman accidentally got a little too close.

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Now I know we are all doing our best to social distance, but sometimes random, unplanned events happen. This particular lady just so happened to have parked next to the cart return and exited her vehicle as I was putting my cart away. Apparently I didn't see or hear her (my fault for wearing headphones and jamming out to music), so when she shut her car door, it startled me. In my fear, instead of jumping (or swearing), I sneezed.

Again, we were both outside, but we know how much the pandemic has people on edge. Coughing or sneezing in public these days will get you treated like a leper.

The lady jumped, because she was startled at how loud I sneezed (I refuse to hold in sneezes since I read it can cause an aneurysm). I did manage to cover my nose and mouth with arm, but still, I could tell she was worried she might be affected with my germs.

So to the lady I nearly sneezed on, please accept my most sincere and humblest apology. We scared each other, but after this incident, I will definitely keep my mask on until I am inside my vehicle from now on, just to be safe.

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