Casper residents who go to work and come home in the dark may see street lights that are out or flickering.

The City of Casper and Rocky Mountain Power are encouraging residents to report these lights so that they can be repaired, according to a news release from the city's streets division.

Rocky Mountain Power owns most street lights, but others are owned by the city and the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Citizens who see darkened or flickering street lights should first report them to the Rocky Mountain Power.

The company will then determine who owns the street light so repairs can being.

Rocky Mountain Power asks for the following information when reporting a street light outage:

  • Your contact information to update you on the status of repair.
  • The address of the streetlight, or the nearest cross street.
  • The pole number; which can be found on a metal plate or sticker that is six or seven feet up from the base of the pole.
  • The problem with the light: out, flickering, on during the day, or a broken lens.

If Rocky Mountain Power owns the the street light, you will receive a tracking number for your report in a work order number by email, so you may keep track of its status or follow up on the repairs later.

If the streetlight belongs to the city or the state, you will be notified of the disposition of the work request.