As more and more events take place in the Casper area, we're seeing the food trucks out again. I personally love to see it, but I get even more excited when new options are thrown into the mix.

In the last week (approximately since about June 12th, 2021), Casper has seen the emergence of two brand new food trucks with drastically different menus.

J & D's Cajun Kitchen has opened it's rolling window, as has the Holy Guacamole Food Truck.

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The Holy Guacamole Food Truck specializes in authentic Mexican food, like tacos, burritos and of course, guacamole.

J & D's Cajun Kitchen specializes in authentic Cajun cuisine prepared by Louisianan native’s, Josh and Dia Boutte. Their menu includes dishes like Po'boys, blackened burgers, jambalaya, boudin and alligator (yes indeed, you read that correctly).

At the time of this article, I haven't had the pleasure to sample either one yet, but I'm following them on Facebook, so I can real soon.

  • Click here to check out Holy Guacamole on Facebook. 
  • Click here to check out J & D's Cajun Kitchen on Facebook.

Have you had the chance to try out either establishment? Shoot us a message using the Kiss Mobile App to tell us what you think.

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