This evening, the Casper Police Department traffic unit will conduct a tactical enforcement operation along with other local, state, and federal authorities, according to a news release.

Based on intelligence from several sources, the department has confirmed a single male individual will be traveling erratically through Natrona County in a legally questionable vehicle.

The individual is in possession of numerous items produced by individuals described as being of limited stature and who wear red tights, green shirts, and pointed hats with bells attached.

It is suspected, but not confirmed, the vehicle has no wheels but evidently is dual purpose, being able to travel over snow and/or through the air. This vehicle has no registration, as required by law, nor does it have a tail number by which it can be identified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Unique characteristics of this vehicle are its red color and a load secured only in a sack which makes it overweight and subject to inspection, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Brand Inspectors and a veterinarian will available to confirm the health of the eight non-native species of deer which, it is rumored, pull the vehicle at speeds far in excess of the posted limit.

Of note is the potential for a ninth non-native species deer that, depending on weather, provides illumination for the vehicle. This is in clear violation of the law requiring a minimum of two functional headlights for vehicles operated on a public roadway.

With the potential for this individual to make contact with numerous residents of Natrona County during his rapid and unpredictable journey through the area, the Casper Police Department’s Victim/Witness Unit recommends all children take cover in their beds and be asleep when this operation occurs.

The goal of this operation is the smooth escort of this maniac through Natrona County and a safe and joyous holiday season for all.

Merry Christmas from the Casper Police Department Traffic Unit, and all of us at K2 Radio and Townsquare Media.

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