This has been an emotional week already for our Casper Police Department. Today (July 1st, 2020), they shared a very beautifully worded letter from an Iowa resident.

The official Casper Police Department Facebook page posted a photo of the letter along with a message that read:

Recently, we've been overwhelmed with cards, food, and messages of support. Today, that came as a beautifully written letter from someone in Iowa. We want to share it with you because these messages mean the world to us. After all, we show up here every day for you, to serve you, and to protect you. We don't do it for the gratitude, but taking the time to say thank you to a police officer is impactful and it matters - and for that, we want to say thank YOU, for keeping us going.

The letter begins by stating how much the current state of the country has made it difficult to watch television and even being on social media. They go on to say how one person can't define an entire group, whether it be religion, creed, color or sex. It then dives deeper into how thankful they are for everything the police do throughout America.

Although the sender chose to remain anonymous, it really was beautifully worded.

This letter is one of three other events that the Casper Police Department have shared with us this week. One of the others was a short note and Texas Roadhouse gift card that was left on a squad car, while still another was a newspaper clipping from 2019, stating how a Colorado Springs woman had been helped by a local officer.

Kudos are in order once again for our boys and girls in blue.

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