Ah summer, warm days and lazy nights star gazing from your favorite spot, barbeques and picnics.

I have to say it is my favorite time of year. It brings back fond memories of a care free childhood eating homemade ice cream on my grandmother’s porch. Back then we didn’t have the electric kind of ice cream freezer, so we took turns turning the crank. My favorite was peach and the peaches came from the trees in my grandparent’s yard. Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer I thought sharing some of Casper’s local ice cream shops would be in order, if you’re on the go with no time to make your own.

Sloanes General Store

If you’re out at Alcova Lake there’s always Sloanes General Store, hand dipping hearty cones. By the way, Sloanes General Store has been around for 108 years!

Rodeo Rick, TownSquareMedia

Ken and Betty’s

Ken and Betty’s ice cream parlor is located in the Triangle Plaza. Not only does Ken and Betty’s serve a variety of delicious ice cream, but they sponsor local fundraising events all year long. On Wednesday June 12th, from 1-5pm, 20% of all sales will go to Central Wyoming Hospice.

Jon Michaels, TownSquareMedia

Donells Candies

Next on my list of local spots is Donells Candies Downtown in the Atrium Plaza. Ice cream from a homemade candy store, is there really anything else to say? Donells Candies has been a tradition in Casper since 1956.

So get out there this summer and make your own memories! Crank out some ice cream of your own or sample some from our local shops and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Jon Michaels, TownSquareMedia