An awesome charity annual event put on by the Evansville Police Department has not received as much attention as it has in previous years. It's the 2020 "Shop With A Cop" event.

The official Evansville WY Police Department Facebook page recently posted the following message:

We have not received one application for this year’s Shop With a Cop event . This is a great cause and something we are looking forward to! The deadline will be here before we know it, so if you’re interested, please don’t wait until last minute to get your application in!

The post has already been shared over 700 times since last Wednesday, so here's to hoping the added traction sees more applicants. This truly is an awesome event and with everything going on with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of local families can use all the help they can get, specifically around the holidays.

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The Evansville Police Department has since updated their Facebook page with message that read:

Our post about the Shop With a Cop has reached over 36,000 people!! Although there were some negative comments, we want to say thank you! This cause is to help families in our community and build relationships with the kiddos in our community. It really is a great cause, and the Officers and Deputies that volunteer each year thoroughly enjoy it. Due to COVID and the substantial hit to our economy, some families need all the help they can get this time of year. Donations are lower than previous years, but we’ve had some great people and companies donate so that we can help as many as we can. We appreciate all the support for this event!! A sincere thank you from all of us at Evansville PD!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Click here to fill out the "Shop With A Cop" application form.

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