As we get closer and closer to Christmas, more people are shopping for presents and the question arises: should I buy gift cards or actual items?

From my personal experience, it depends more on the person you're buying for. A gift card may not be the most ideal purchase for your wife/girlfriend, but your Uncle Frank and Cousin George would love them. Again, this is in my experience, your better half would prefer you choose a gift, as the thought that went into it is more important than the actual item. On the other hand, purchasing gift cards give the receiver the option to purchase what they want vice the ugly holiday sweater or the infamous fruit cake.

If you do go the way of the gift card, here are the top 20 according to

1.) Walmart
2.) Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Stake House)
3.) T.J. Maxx
4.) Starbucks
5.) Home Depot
6.) Costco
7.) J.C. Penney
8.) Lowe's
9.) Sears
10.) Subway
11.) Target
12.) Kohl's
14.) McDonald's
15.) Trader Joe's
16.) Marshalls
17.) Panera Bread
18.) Bed Bath & Beyond
19.) Macy's
20.) Walgreens

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