Kathy Bates, Fried Green Tomatoes, Youtube

Halloween is just around the corner, and according to this survey, Americans plan to spend a good 2.6 million dollars on Halloween costumes this year, but it’s not just for the kids.  Many adults plan on shelling out some bucks for their own costumes.  But sometimes what you think might be a great costume might not always work out for you.

When the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” came out, there was a scene where Kathy Bate’s character is desperately trying to get her husband’s attention, which was usually glued to anything sports related on television.  She decided that she would try to divert his attention to her, by wrapping herself in a saran wrap dress to look sexy for him.  Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work, and neither did my plan to wrap myself in saran wrap and walk around with a plate of fried green tomatoes as a Halloween costume.

Halfway through that Halloween night, I kept unraveling and I found myself hobbling into the nearest Safeway to buy 7 more rolls of saran wrap to try and fix my costume which was literally falling apart.  I got a lot of laughs with my costume, but I wasn’t sure if they were laughing because of the costume idea, or laughing because my saran wrap was unwrapping itself before their very eyes!

I did manage to redeem myself a couple of years later when the Pope came to visit Denver,Colorado.  People still remembered the blunder that singer Sinead O’ Connor made on Saturday Night Live, ripping a picture of the Pope on the show in protest, a move that literally killed her career.  I decided since the Pope was just in town, I would dress up like the Pope, and I had several copies of Sinead O’ Connor’s pictures that, of course, I ripped up, so I was the Pope getting revenge on Sinead O’ Connor.

What’s the zaniest Halloween costume you ever wore, and did it work out for you?