The latest Spring storm, although a nuisance, brought us that 'much needed moisture' as we move toward the heat of summer. At least things will be green for awhile longer.

I like green. The snowfall totals were significant for Casper and the state.


Snowfall Totals:

Around 30 inches fell in the southern Big Horn Mountains and on Casper Mountain, according to the National Weather Service.

Reno Hill (elevation 7900 feet, 22 miles southeast of Casper) – 34"
Sundance – 24”
Lusk – 20" with drifts up to 8 feet
Lander – 17"
Casper – 16.2" makes this their heaviest snowstorm on record so early in the season; the third-heaviest October snowstorm; and the 10th-heaviest overall in Casper weather records.
Sheridan – 9"

Hang on, I'm predicting we'll have one more big storm. It'll come after the leaves are on the trees. Wait and see!