The world's most famous rodent weather man, Punxsutawney Phil, has predicted an early spring for us.  We can look forward to climbing temperatures, sunny days, and rejuvenation of our landscape.  Since we have had one of the driest winters in the record books, is an early spring a good thing?

Wyoming, especially the central portion, has been experiencing an extremely dry winter.  Record low snowfall amounts have some worried about the upcoming season's drought.  We can typically expect a good snow pack in the mountains that will gradually melt and trickle down giving us plenty of water.  This will not be the case this year.  We can still hope for a wet spring regardless of when it arrives.  Wyoming has seen substantial spring snow storms in the past, so we can still get much needed moisture.  Once we move out of the snowy months we can still receive some spring rain showers.

"April showers bring May flowers", lets hope this old saying comes true this year.  A wet spring would be a welcome one.  If we are to receive an early spring, let us keep our fingers crossed for moist one.