Calling all astronomy fans. The Natrona County Library is hosting a free, 1-hour event, dedicated to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.

The official Natrona County Library Facebook event page stated:

The James Webb Space Telescope is a space telescope designed primarily to conduct infrared astronomy. As the largest optical telescope in space, its greatly improved infrared resolution and sensitivity allow it to view objects too early, distant, or faint for the Hubble Space Telescope. The first photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, labeled SMACS 0723, was released on July 12th of this year, and it shows a dizzying array of galaxies never before seen by humans. All of the images that have followed were just as dazzling, showing in vivid detail various nebulae, galactic clusters and a black hole, all representing various stages of the universe’s history. Join us at the Library of Thursday, September 29th at 6 PM for a special presentation on the James Webb Space Telescope and all of the potential it holds to illuminate the darkest corners of our universe. Led by Solar System Ambassador, Michele Wistisen, this program is for adults and older children and is free and open to the public. Call 577.7323 or visit our website for more information.

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NASA recently posted a 4K, high-resolution photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, which is named after James E. Webb (the administrator of NASA from 1961 to 1968 during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs). According to NASA:

Thousands of never-before-seen young stars spotted in a stellar nursery called 30 Doradus, captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Nicknamed the Tarantula Nebula for the appearance of its dusty filaments in previous telescope images, the nebula has long been a favorite for astronomers studying star formation. In addition to young stars, Webb reveals distant background galaxies, as well as the detailed structure and composition of the nebula’s gas and dust.

Check out the awesome photo below.

Tarantula Nebula

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