Looking for that chance to settle in under a cold crisp night and count the shooting stars? You are in luck tonight as one of the year's most anticipated meteor showers peaks this week.

According to Space.com, the Leonid meteor shower will reach its maximum overnight Tuesday into Wednesday (Nov. 17 to Nov. 18), giving skywatchers the chance to see some brilliant "shooting stars." However, though the Leonids have put on some amazing displays in the past, this year's show will likely be on the subdued side.

If your view is marred by clouds or light pollution, you can still watch the Leonids online. The Slooh Community Observatory is hosting a Leonids webcast Tuesday at 8 p.m.MST  featuring live shots from five different countries on four continents.

Leonid meteors are the fastest shooting stars, hitting Earth's atmosphere at about 162,000 mph (261,000 km/h), according to Space.com skywatching columnist Joe Rao — so the shower can produce spectacular and memorable fireballs.