After seeing Kenny Wizz perform live last night at the Casper Event Center, I now see why he's often heralded as the World's #1 Michael Jackson Impersonator. I was skeptical at first, mainly because I'm a life-long MJ fan. And when I say fan, I'm talking about owning the jackets (from Beat It, Billie Jean & Thriller), having the 12 inch MJ doll, owning the Moonwalker video game & the movie and every single album from vinyl to 8-track to cassette tapes to CDs from the Jackson 5 days until now... a dedicated fan.

Kenny Wizz, Photo by Jennifer Lijewski

First, I'll say I'm impressed he actually sings... no lip syncing. His voice isn't quiet as powerful as MJ's was (especially on the higher octave songs), but still very comparable. His band and background singers get an "A+" for helping create the illusion that the King of Pop is actually among you. I was also delighted with his guitar player who was also a Slash look-a-like. The man can play!!! The real Slash would be proud.

Kenny Wiz, photo by Jennifer Lijewski

Kenny's dancer were awesome as well, as was he as he nailed the moonwalk, multiple spin moves and even MJ's patented robot dance dance. All in all, the show gets a 10 out of 10 from me and I rarely (see also: never) give out perfect scores. I will most definitely see him perform again. The magic of Michael lives on.

Kenny Wizz, photo by Jennifer Lijewski