My new Christmas tradition has to do with my grandma and her ornaments. I hope I continue this for many many years to come although I know it could get a bit much.

My grandma had some really great Christmas ornaments that I received when she passed away. She really had a great sense of style and always picked out the coolest things. Her set of ornaments are more of the maroon, pink, soft purple ornaments. She liked things to match too so there is definitely a theme.

I have decided that even though I am not married with children that doesn't mean I can not start some more of my own holiday traditions. I want to add a new ornament every year to my grandmas collection, like I said she liked to match so I went out and searched for something she would like, and I found it at one of her favorite stores. Went to Dillards and found this ornament which I think matches well with pinks, maroons and light purple.

Charene Herrera TSM

It's the year of the big ornament too so I need to find some more big ornaments I think to add some balance but for now and maybe this year I'll let it be since it's the first year of the tradition.

So from here on out I will share my new ornament addition every year with you.

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