Sears, Roebuck and Company, colloquially known as Sears, announced today (May 31st, 2018) that they are closing 63 more stores.

No Wyoming retail locations are affected by the closures.

According to a recent report by CNN:

The list from Sears Holdings (SHLD) includes 48 Sears stores and 15 Kmart stores, spread across 29 states. They were selected from a list of 100 non-profitable stores Sears said it had identified for closure "in the near future."

Since November 2017, they have already closed or sold off over a hundred Sears and Kmart stores throughout the country. Since 2010, they closed more than 2500 locations. These latest string of closings shows the retailer's struggle to stay afloat.

Sears has stated current employees at the closing locations will receive a severance package, but will have the opportunity to apply for open positions at other Sears stores.

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