It is that time of year when we get a brief taste of autumn before plunging into the winter season. This year, we may be plunging sooner than we would like.

According to The Weather Channel, Casper could see snow as early as Monday (Oct. 8th) with accumulations of one inch. Monday night shows a 60% chance of snow with accumulation of less than an inch.

After a few days of rain possibilities, the snow showers are expected to return late Thursday night (Oct. 11th.).

Cold temperatures and rain are expected Friday (Oct. 12th), turning into snow later in the evening - with snow and ice accumulations around 1 inch.

A wintry mix is expected Saturday morning before temperatures warm up to the low 40s.

Of course, this is subject to change. Predicting the weather, particularly in Wyoming, is not always the easiest. With the temperatures still averaging around 70, any accumulation will surely be short lived and nothing to be concerned about. But it still feels early, doesn't it?

Hopefully this is not a sign of an early winter in the Cowboy State.

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